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RIGA Greenhouses (Multiple Sizes Available)

The Riga is an outstanding choice for gardeners who need a year round greenhouse with a larger footprint than the Riga ‘s’. As the mid-sized option in the Riga line it falls between the Riga ‘s’ and Riga XL in both width and height, and is available in several different lengths. It features 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing panels on its side walls and slightly thicker 10mm panels on its ends, making it extremely insulative. Like all Riga models, its sloped side walls are reinforced with 13 gauge aluminum framing and will stand up to high winds, pounding hail, and heavy snows. (In fact, the curvature of the walls tends to make snow slide right off). These features make the Riga ‘s’ a fantastic choice for wintertime gardening in challenging climates.

New Animated Video Assembly Instructions for RIGA Greenhouse    -Click Here-


Glazing: 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate (side walls)
                10mm twin wall polycarbonate (gable ends)
Frame: 13 gauge aluminum extrusions
Colors: n/a


  • Suggested Retail: $5,999
  • Length: 10'6" (3 panels)
  • Width: 9'8"
  • Peak Height: 7'7"
  • Area: 102 sq. ft.
  • Doors: 1 Barn Style Hinged Door w/Lock
  • Door Size: 30" W x 79" H
  • Windows: 1 Roof Vents, 1 Rear Window
  • Window Openers: 1 Automatic (Roof)
  • Window Size: 3'5" x 2'1"


  • Suggested Retail: $6,999
  • Length: 14' (4 panels)
  • Width: 9'8"
  • Peak Height: 7'7"
  • Area: 135 sq. ft.
  • Doors: 1 Barn Style Hinged Door w/Lock
  • Door Size: 30" W x 79" H
  • Windows: 2 Roof Vents, 1 Rear Window
  • Window Openers: 2 Automatic (Roof)
  • Window Size: 3'5" x 2'1"


  • Suggested Retail: $7,999
  • Length: 17'6" (5 panels)
  • Width: 9'8"
  • Peak Height: 7'7"
  • Area: 165 sq. ft.
  • Doors: 1 Barn Style Hinged Door w/Lock
  • Door Size: 30" W x 79" H
  • Windows: 4 Roof Vents, 1 Rear Window
  • Window Openers: 4 Automatic (Roof)
  • Window Size: 3'5" x 2'1"

What Makes Hoklartherm a Quality Brand?

  • The polycarbonate glazing on the Riga greenhouse is German made and of superior quality
  • Stainless steel hardware prevents rusting or corrosion of any type
  • The optional 6” high foundation frame can be buried in a trench to easily and securely anchor the greenhouse, providing a great alternative to more expensive and onerous methods like concrete
  • The frame profiles are interlocked and won’t come loose over time due to wind pressures
  • All Riga greenhouses offer enough insulation to grow plants year-round
Professional installation for this product may be available in your area via our growing network of independent installers. To learn more, simply give us a call at (512) 407-8500 Ext 701.
Janssens virtual tour

RIGA Greenhouse Intro and Installation Process Videos

Riga 3, 4, 5 Assembly Instructions Video
Riga 3, 4, 5 Drop Door Installation Guide Video
Riga 2s, 3s, 4s Drop Door Installation Guide Video
Riga Windo / Vent Opener Installation Guide Video

Additional Images and Information

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riga 5 greenhouse
riga 5 greenhouse
riga greenhouse on deck
riga greenhouse in snow
riga greenhouse front
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse
riga greenhouse - from Rita
riga greenhouse - from Rita
riga greenhouse - from Rita
riga greenhouse - from Rita
riga greenhouse - from Rita
riga greenhouse - from Sage Sorenson
riga greenhouse - from Sage Sorenson
riga greenhouse - from Sage Sorenson
riga greenhouse - from Cathy & Brian Goodman
riga greenhouse - from Cathy & Brian Goodman
riga greenhouse - from Cathy & Brian Goodman
riga greenhouse - from Bob K


Hey, just finished everything but the shelves in my RIGA 3. My wife still want to do some work on the ground and put in raise beds on the side prior to me putting the shelves in (and then finish putting those t-seals in that are on their way to me). I expect it may be a few weeks before I can actually claim complete.

I need to have a big shout out to David, Claudia and Lorraine. In my 60+ years, I have never met a customer support team so pro-active and helpful. Can’t tell you how good it feels to be working on something that I know if I get stuck – there is somebody to help.

Green house was a little difficult in places to put together with just me and my wife helping – but it was manageable (would be nice to have three when putting the big panels in). I have tried to write-up glowing remarks on the purchased web site, but they are having issues with posting reviews at the moment – so will go back and finish once they have it working. Because of customer support – I would have to give this 6 stars out of 5. Again Thanks, you guys are AWESOME!

Yes! I recommend this product.

Ed & Kristine Anderson | 4/8/21

I've had my Riga V for 4 years now and this is the first year I used only 1 heater thru the winter. Temp in New England can be single digit one day and 50-60 the next and using one heater keeps temp at 50-73. My Riga has been thru blizzards, ice storms, winds of 75mph and roaring heat and humidity thru the summers and it's been absolutely fine. This winter it's full of cabbage, tomato, Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, tats, celery, kale and snap peas, but cucumbers only lasted into December. I love that I can garden year round!

UPDATE: Teri sent this additional report and pics on 2/21/21

Hope these photos are ok. Tomatoes are a bit sad but still producing and my snap peas are about 3” and everything is holding up well. We have about a foot of snow on the ground and today temp in GH was 88.

teri z riga 1
teri z riga 2
teri z riga 3
teri z riga 4

Yes! I recommend this product.

Teri Zions | 2/14/21

I'm very pleased to report my Riga 4 survived Hurricane Laura (60 mph gust) and then Hurricane Delta (86 mph sustained winds) here in New Iberia, Louisiana! No damages at all!

It sits out in the open. There is nothing to block the winds.

mike a riga 1
mike a riga 2

Yes! I recommend this product.

Mike A. | 10/15/20

We are very pleased with the greenhouse and happy to have it ready for next year’s gardening season

Attached is a photo we took this morning of our completed Riga 4 Greenhouse. It has taken us a while to complete the assembly, but through no fault of Exaco Trading or the manufacturer. Now we are very pleased with the greenhouse and happy to have it ready for next year’s gardening season.

I recommend Exaco Trading highly and am very grateful to everyone with whom I have communicated by email and phone. You have all been consistently patient and helpful with my questions. I never felt for a minute (even when I called on several occasions on a weekend) that you were not willing to respond helpfully. In fact, your expert knowledge of the product, clear experience with assembly and ability to problem solve made all the difference, i.e. saved the day, and made the successful completion of our Riga 4 Greenhouse happen.

Thank you, again. Please feel free to use any of my comments as testimonial of a happy customer.

creed riga 1

Yes! I recommend this product.

Creed Noah | 11/7/2018

This is a great German product!

I spent 10 weekends to build this green home use for my wife to grow orchid in Ontario Canada.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Galliano | 11/30/2016

I want to compliment the company on the precision and fit of this unit.

My name is Claude Keefer and I helped the Elmwood Ag classes and Teacher Ms. Lafollette with the assembly of the Riga V Greenhouse that they purchased. I spoke with Andrew on Saturday 5 Dec 15 in preparation for beginning the assembly. As you recall, we build the unit offsite and transported it to the school last Friday. Photos are attached.

I want to compliment the company on the precision and fit of this unit. I was very impressed with the total system and the fit and finish were outstanding. I honestly did not expect everything to line up and fit the way it did. Every bolt hole lined up with others and spacing around the doors and windows was quite good. I really like the "bagging" of parts with labels for doors, windows etc. That made searching for parts less of a problem. Nylon ends for the top and bottom of the side ribs was very valuable.

We we fortunate to have a place to build the unit on a flat surface and we did not rush. Unpacking, preparing the base unit and the lifting platform took about 6-8 hours. With about 5 boys we assembled the end walls and the main body in 8 hours. Another 6-8 hours were spend with braces, window/door assembly and seals/silicone. Finally, we loaded the unit on a flat bed, hauled it to town (4miles) and put it into position on a prepared flat pad. The inside was filled with pea gravel and the outside was backfilled. 8 hours.

The engineering is great! My only recommendation on the manual is to be sure that all the photos indicate whether you are looking from the outside or the inside.

claude riga 4
claude riga 5
claude riga 2
claude riga 3

Yes! I recommend this product.

Claude Keefer | 12/15/2015

Excellent and Tough in Broken Arrow Oklahoma!

We bought our Riga IV greenhouse back in August of 2009 and we are so glad we did. Our Oklahoma weather includes temperature extremes, high winds, hail and tornadoes and our Riga greenhouse has survived it all nearly unscathed. Our home was damaged by a tornado in May of 2015 and even though our entire roof needed to be replaced on our main home, some siding needed to be replaced, and our garage door needed to be replaced on our main home, our Riga greenhouse was fine. We only needed to replace a couple of the auto-vents on the greenhouse that were bent from the wind during the tornado. I fully expected this greenhouse to be damaged by hail storms that we have experienced here since we purchased our Riga IV and it was not damaged by the hail either even though we had to make an insurance claim for hail damages on our main home. Because of the extreme weather we have here in Oklahoma we purchased the Riga model that has the foundation base frame to help secure it to the ground. We also topped off the foundation base frame with bricks for added weight ~ see photos. The people here at Exaco Trading Company are very helpful and friendly. We are extremely pleased with this greenhouse and since 2009 it is working wonderfully for us! :-D

wendy riga 1
wendy riga 2
wendy riga 3
wendy riga 4

Yes! I recommend this product.

Wendy Sue | 12/4/2015

A joy to work in !!!

I am the horticulturist and garden manager for a large private estate located in Southern California. I grow organic vegetables for the estate and a nearby restaurant. Prior to acquiring the Riga III, I purchased my organic vegetable starts from a local grower. I was limited to the varieties that they chose to grow and had to deal with a lower level of quality than I wanted.

After doing a LOT of online research, I decided that the Riga was the greenhouse that I wanted. I felt that the price was more than reasonable for all of the features offered.

The ordering process and subsequent delivery was problem free. While the installation was somewhat challenging - with the aid of the video and the written instructions it was assembled by a team of three capable men in just over a day.

Our greenhouse sits on a poured concrete pad that we installed with a drain and an irrigation quick coupler. This makes it easy to water and to keep the greenhouse clean inside.

The Riga III is very roomy and I am able to have 32 flats of seedlings growing at the same time. The quality of my vegetable starts is amazing now! Seeds germinate in just a couple of days. The diffused light allows is perfect. I directly attribute the improved quality of the vegetables I am producing to the Riga III.

I don't have to deal with snow here in Southern California- but as my greenhouse is sited on top of a hill in full sun- I do deal with high summer temperatures and occasional high winds up to 60 mph. The Riga is the only greenhouse I found that has a back wall window. The cross ventilation that I get by keeping the top of the dutch door open and the back window open really helps with keeping my summer temps low which helps to keep both my vegetables and ME comfortable as I like to work in the greenhouse in the afternoons. The Riga has withstood the winds like a champ!

Of course, I didn't have to use my own money to pay for the greenhouse. My employer did that. But, I am so in love with this greenhouse that I am getting ready to buy one myself for my own backyard!

I highly recommend this greenhouse to anyone who wants a beautiful, functional, strong, easy maintenance, high quality greenhouse in which to grow beautiful plants of any type!

lydia riga 1
lydia riga 2
lydia riga 3
lydia riga 4
lydia riga 5
lydia riga 6

Yes! I recommend this product.

Lydia | 10/14/2015

Great greenhouse! Great service!!!!

I asked a million questions to Andrew. I really researched this product. They answered all my questions and installed the Riga XL. I couldn't be happier with both the service and product. It's very rare you get this quality experience. The help I got in setting up the foundation to the greenhouse setup was amazing. Our greenhouse is even better than we imagined. We even purchased additional heaters and composting bins!

reid riga 5
reid riga 6
reid riga 2
reid riga 3
reid riga 1
reid riga 4

Yes! I recommend this product.

ReidRo | 9/7/2015

Loved my first Riga so much I bought another!

I bought my first Riga III Greenhouse in January of 2014. This is a sturdy little greenhouse! Lots of great features for the price. I did lots of "shopping around" before I purchased a greenhouse and just kept coming back to the Riga. By the end of my first "growing season" I sadly realized I had not bought a big enough one. I was determined to have something larger for 2015 so I started shopping around again. I just kept coming back to wanting another Riga. I was sold on its features and how sturdy it was. I knew it would survive our extreme Nebraska weather - wind, hail, rain, wind, snow, ice, heat, wind, cold....and did I say wind? Yep, my Riga endured and stood up to all that weather its first year. So.....in February of 2015 I purchased another Riga III greenhouse. I bought one identical to my first one and butted the two together to make one greenhouse! I now have all the room I need! And my plan to put the two together worked out perfectly! We mounted the door on the second greenhouse so it swings IN instead of out. I can close off the second greenhouse if I don't have plants in it or don't want to heat it. I now have two automatic roof vents, a window on one end and the divided door on the other end - just like it was when they were single greenhouses. The greenhouses butted together with only about a half inch space between them. We cut silver flashing and screwed it on to the outside of the greenhouses thus "connecting" them and sealing out any air. We also added clear calk to help seal and adhere the flashing to the greenhouses. There is absolutely NO air that seeps into the greenhouses through this small space. My greenhouses are mounted on 4X4 treated timbers. I have dirt floors which I have covered in ground soybean mulch which helps keep heat in and also absorbs water. They are firmly mounted to the ground with those tie downs that screw in to the ground. This greenhouse is secure! Might not withstand a Nebraska tornado, but it has stood strong through some 40-50 MPH winds.

I am SO happy with my Riga greenhouse! I would recommend a Riga to anyone who is looking to buy a greenhouse. They are sturdy. I have no problem with keeping my Riga heated in the winter and cool in the spring/summer. And, like I said before, we have some pretty extreme weather here in Nebraska. You will not believe how quickly stuff germinates in this greenhouse. The conditions are perfect. My only advice would be to MAKE SURE you buy a big enough one the FIRST TIME!

And....when it comes to assembly...the video that comes with the greenhouse is your best friend. Watch it at least once before you even attempt assembly. We took a laptop to our assembly site and watched the video step by step as we put it together. This being said it really wasn't that hard to put together and ours went up fairly fast.

I just can't say enough how much I love my Riga greenhouse!

redman riga 1
redman riga 3
redman riga 4
redman riga 6
redman riga 2
redman riga 5

Yes! I recommend this product.

Redmanhunter | 7/27/2015

Riga 4 thrives in harsh New England weather.

I've had this Riga 4 greenhouse for 5 years. On Cape Cod, we have very beautiful summers and falls but winters can be brutal. We are a little sand spit sticking out into the North Atlantic. For example, this past winter we had over 100" of snow and hurricane force winds for many days at a time. The Riga greenhouse never has failed in 5 winters like this. It is absolutely built to withstand hurricanes.

We use the greenhouse for seedling starts in the spring (starting around March 1) and then season extension in the fall from about October through January. We grow lettuce, spinach and micro greens in the fall and early winter. To regulate the warmth, we fill 3 large black plastic livestock watering troughs with water. They fit under the shelves on the north side of the greenhouse. The sun heats them up during the day and they give off their heat at night. This past winter they never froze inspire of many days of sub zero weather and cloud filled days. I am very happy with my Riga 4.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Jeff | 6/24/2015

Riga 3 is wonderful!

We live on the eastern side of the Sierras where the wind "blows the sun away." The winds come over the mountain and can be quite ferocious, on a regular basis, every year, and we have seen heavy, heavy snow. Our Riga has survived 100-mile-an-hour winds here and has gone through numerous windstorms without a problem until we had a 120-some mile an hour storm in January. Then the wind caught the door and broke the hinges. Now that I have the metal hinges for the door it should be fine. It has also nicely survived heavy snows here; the snow slides off the roof.

When we were looking online to find a greenhouse that would survive our climate, we ran across your website showing your husband standing straddling the peak, and we knew we had found what we were looking for. I can't remember what year we bought it, somewhere around 2007, and it has gone through everything nature could throw at it so far. I have put up garden-style lattice-work on steel poles on the windward side to help shield it somewhat from the wind, which has helped somewhat too.

Your product is truly a step above the rest. Other greenhouses in this area have not fared as well. I have even tried to steer people who were in the market to buy greenhouses to the Riga.

Again, thank you for your excellent product.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Rick | 5/14/2015

Just starting with our Riga Greenhouse..What a joy.

Our Greenhouse is on its way...Just spoke with Kim who was a wealth of information and interested in what we will be doing with our greenhouse here in Falmouth, MA.

As part of a community non-profit, Falmouth Together We Can Inc., we started a group called Well-Grounded; it is a Service Learning group that is made up of three teachers, English, science and woodshop; one community partner, an artist, about 15 students ranging in age fro 12 to 18 and the numerous business partners we have made over the past year.

We provide spring and fall clean-ups to the Senior Center in town, churches in the community, plant the annual flowers for Veterans Day, shovel snow for our seniors, design and maintain our school Memorial Garden, and study, grow and sell organic, GMO free seedlings...thus the greenhouse. Our community has been incredibly supportive. We have one native partner who donated the funds for this greenhouse and another anonymous donor who gave 10k dollars to support our students. So proud of the students, and the fun I have is beyond words! Thank you Kim for making this adventure even more incredible!

Stay tuned for pictures of set-up and completion.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Kathleen | 5/3/2015

Innovative and functional!

We purchased our greenhouse nine years ago and have been extremely happy with it ever since. The instructional DVD was invaluable in the construction of the greenhouse.

Pmac riga 1
Pmac riga 2
Pmac riga 3

Yes! I recommend this product.

Pmac1951 | 4/25/2015

Love my RIGA IV Greenhouse

We assembled my Riga IV greenhouse this fall so that I can start my vegetables much earlier in the spring. The result is not only practical but beautiful. I bought this style because I live at a high elevation where we get a lot of snow in the long winter. The ceiling windows opened and closed automatically from the start. Exaco provided outstanding support, from my many phone calls to the great coordination of the delivery truck. Their DVD provided very helpful insights into the assembly. I also appreciate many of the details provided by the German engineering of the design. I'm thrilled with my final greenhouse and would recommend it to any of my friends.

Mary riga 1
Mary riga 2

Yes! I recommend this product.

MaryN888 | 3/15/2015

Very Sturdy Design.

We bought the Riga V 3 years ago and have been delighted with it. A 2014 Colorado golf ball sized hail storm demolished the roof on our house and out buildings but only left some small divots in the greenhouse . This is probably the best greenhouse on the market for a residential setting.

Yes! I recommend this product.

Mark | 3/6/2015

Very pleased with our Riga V.

Our Riga V is mounted on a stem wall. We grow vegetables year round in Northern New Mexico at 7800 ft. Retrofitted the doors for summer with screens to maintain temperatures. So great to have fresh tomatoes in the winter!

Dr riga 1
Dr riga 2

Yes! I recommend this product.

Dr D | 3/1/2015

Great greenhouse for amateur enthusiast.

I bought this close to 3 years ago and love it. It was fun to put together and I have since added electricity so I can run fans, heat (only a little on coldest nights), and grow light. I use it to winter over plants as well as grow seedlings. I'm in it almost every day.

Joe riga 1
Joe riga 2
Joe riga 3

Yes! I recommend this product.

Joe F | 2/22/2015

Riga 4 is a real winner at 3500 feet in Canada.

We bought a Riga 4 in the late fall of 2014. By the time it arrived the ground was frozen and snow covered so my husband and some neighbors assembled it in our garage. When the snow left early this year we got a bunch of friends to help move it to a pad in the garden and by March 4th I had planted lots of cold loving plants directly in the ground. Between the ground-planted crops and indoor-started plants being hardened off, the greenhouse has been continuously busy and productive ever since. COMPLETELY WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTAL HEAT, by mid-April we began harvesting loads of spinach, lettuce, green onions, radishes and bok choy until we began replacing these early veggies with heat lovers like tomatoes, peppers and muskmelon.There were a few nights early on where we had a borderline frost but no damage on the cool climate plants and now (June 7th) the trick will be to prevent overheating. I have had home made greenhouses before but NOTHING has matched the Riga performance. I am already harvesting peppers. This is all happening on a north-east facing slope at 3500 feet elevation in the Canadian Rockies. Amazing!

Bonnie riga 1
Bonnie riga 2
Bonnie riga 3
Bonnie riga 4
Bonnie riga 5
Bonnie riga 6

Yes! I recommend this product.

Bonnie | 2/20/2015

I LOVE this greenhouse.

I bought this greenhouse in 2009 from Exaco and have had wonderful success with it. I am growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. It is SO well built and holds up in the big winds and snow that I get at 6,000 feet in the Southern California mountains. I also love the ventilation in the greenhouse as we can get 80-90 degree temperatures in the summer. During the summer I leave the top of the dutch door open along with the window on the opposite side of the greenhouse. This, together with the automatic windows on the top of the greenhouse, allows me to grow in the heat of summer. I also love the shelving on one side o the greenhouse with the panels that I can take out depending on how tall the plants under the shelf grow. I highly recommend this greenhouse.

Karen riga 2
Karen riga 4
Karen riga 1
Karen riga 3

Yes! I recommend this product.

Karen | 2/7/2015

Structural Integrity.

We purchased a Riga 8 and are pleased with the quality and strength of the product. Assembly was well documented. Customer service was exceptional. Exaco is a first class operation. The Riga system is perfect for our windy location.

Merric riga 1
Merric riga 2
Merric riga 3
Merric riga 4

Yes! I recommend this product.

Merric | 1/14/2015

Is it easier to build this greenhouse by using the optional base?

Lilly | 3/8/2021

Hi Lilly,

The optional foundation frame makes the anchoring of the greenhouse easier and without the use of concrete. To use the foundation frame you will need to dig a trench 5” deep the size of the perimeter of the greenhouse into which the foundation would be buried. If you do not want to use the foundation frame, the greenhouse will need to be anchored in some other way.

The foundation frame won’t affect how the greenhouse is assembled.

Claudia / Customer Service

I’m wondering if you could advise on a size (BTU) heater I would need for my size greenhouse in my climate?

Tristan Throgmorton | 8/4/2020

Sorry – the answer is not that simple. For one thing I do not know your climate. You will have to tell me. And next: how warm do you want to keep it in side: over wintering outdoor plants requires less heat than, orchids or growing form seeds during the winter.

Secondly, it greatly depends on what you are doing with your greenhouse – for example the more plants the fuller it is the more natural heat is retained and generated. There is a big different between half full and full: can make 10-15º difference. Large raised beds are a great heat generator.

Another option is: to use 1 or 2 large open troughs – 70 gal. + (full with water) (from say Tractor Supply) – these to can add 10-15º at night. And at the same time they offer additional humidity during the cold winter months.

One of our major customers offers the following calculator: http://igctest.commercev3.com/greenhouse_btu_calculator

Generally you will need to experiment.

Can intake shutters be placed on the sidewalls? The sidewalls look like they have some curvature. Thank you!

Lois Pyle | 7/15/19

Hello, Thank you for visiting our website.

Intake shutters and exhaust fans can both be added to the Riga Greenhouse – however, they are best installed in the gable ends – this will give the best cross breeze for ventilation for you plants. If you are installing both an exhaust fan and a shutter vent, you will them at diagonal ends from each other. The exhaust fan works best up high to blow out the hottest air, with the intake shutter at a lower location. I have also attached our instructions for installing exhaust fan, intake shutter inside , and intake shutter outside in the Riga greenhouses. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

customerservice@exaco.com 877-760-8500 FREE ext. 701 Thanks, Customer Support

Are you shipping in Canada?

Silvain | 11/8/2016

Hello, Thank you for visiting our website.

Yes we do ship to Canada. They are also available from online retailers in Canada. Give us a call and we can get you all the details

customerservice@exaco.com 877-760-8500 FREE ext. 701 Thanks, Customer Support

How do I install a new cylinder in the automatic roof vent opener? It did not come with instructions.

Carol | 9/18/2016

Hello, Thanks for visiting our site! Here are some steps for installing your new piston: 1. Remove old piston by removing cotter pin from the top and unscrewing it counter clock wise. 2. Install new piston by doing the reverse of removal of old.

Here is a video on the automatic opener in a Riga Greenhouse. Fast forward to the 33 second mark.

If you need anything else please let us know.

Thanks, Customer Support

I am looking to purchase the Riga 3 and want to use 4 x 4 timbers along with the foundation frame to secure the unit. What dimensions should I lay the timbers so that the Riga foundation frame can be anchored onto the center of the timbers? Thanks.

Jon S | 8/28/2016

Hello, Thanks for visiting the website! The Riga Foundation Frame is meant to be buried in the soil. You can mount it to the timbers to gain height though. The base dimensions as per the Riga manual are: Riga III 116 9/16 Inches Wide x 126 3/4 Inches Long

All dimensions can be found in the assembly instructions on the Riga page of our website.

I would also suggest cedar timbers. Sometimes the chemicals used in pressure treated wood can have a reaction with aluminum causing it to corrode.

If you need anything else let us know.

Thanks, Customer Support

In ground growing? A unit that could be portable within a larger garden for various in ground crops?

Vicki | 7/17/2016

Hello, You can grow in the ground inside of a Riga Greenhouse or build some planter boxes and grow in them. We have cold frames that could be moved around to various crops. Have a look at the cold frame section of our website. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or email. 877-760-8500 customerservice@exaco.com

Thanks, Customer Support

I have a Riga IV and would like to be able to have more hanging plants. I was looking at hanging a pole from the ribs to do this. How much weight would I be able to have on the pole?

Cathie | 7/10/2016

Hello, Congrats on being a Riga owner. Yes you can hang a pole from the curved profiles. The greenhouse is very sturdy but we recommend that you keep it under 150lbs for each side and make sure its distributed evenly. Note the position of the curves from the outside and if it appears that they are starting to sag or bend down, reduce the weight hanging from them.

Thanks, Customer Support

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