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Aerobin 400 Composter

RETAIL AT: $349.95 & $449.95
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  • View the assembly instructions.
  • Capacity: 400 liters, 113 gallons.
  • Also available 600 liter/160 gallon capacity.
  • Insulated side walls and lid for year round operation - both to retain heat generated by the aerobic composting process and stop cold ambient air reaching the biomass.
  • It has a Base & a Leachate Tank for collection of liquid nutrients dispelled from the biomass (green waste).
  • No turning or agitating of the biomass is necessary - simply drop and forget!
  • Aerobin requires no accessories or tools.
  • It's vermin resistant.
  • Aerobin composts kitchen & garden waste quickly.
  • Aerobin requires no accessories or tools.
  • Moisture recirculation system.
  • Aerobin lowers GHG emissions.

54 Gallon Expansion Kit Now Available! Expand the Aerobin to a 160 Gallon Size.
Aerobin with expansion kit added

For more information, click here to view the Aerobin 400 website.

Size of Article (L x W x H): 29" x 29" x47"
Net Weight: 56 lbs.Single Packaging boxes: 2
Kind of Packaging: Brown cardboard
Kind of Palette: 40" x 48"
Size of Master Carton box 1: 9.7" x 29.5" x 29.3"
Size of Master Carton box 2: 22" x 28.8" x 25"
Weight box 1: 23.7 lbs
Weight box 2: 49.5 lbs
Shipping quantities: Qty per 40' HC - 174 unitsUPS/Fedex Shippable

Aerobin 400 Cutaway Diagram

Aerobin Composter Logo
Aerobin Composting Simulation

The Aerobin 400 uses a patented
lung® or aeration core inside a sealed bin to promote aerobic break down of organic matter, which experts say is the preferable method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The thermal insulation in the Aerobin conserves heat, leading to rapid breakdown of the biomass and works efficiently year round, even in cooler regions. There is no need to turn the biomass and it is pet and rodent resistant. It has little odor and can kill noxious weeds and seeds.

The Aerobin is easy to use - just open, drop and close. After a short time, fertile compost is produced, which is easily accessed via the lower side door. The Aerobin also captures moisture that can be used as liquid fertilizer.

You can regularly put a mixture of wet materials such as food scraps, coffee grounds and lawn clippings together with dry materials such as leaves, twigs and newspaper into the bin and because it breaks down material so fast, the bin should always have plenty of room.

Click here to see how the Aerobin compared to other composters in a Swinburn University study.

click here to view the aerobin intro video
Click thumbnail image to see larger version.
Aerobin Composter Corner
Aerobin Composter Wood
Aerobin Composter Open
Aerobin Composter Closed
Aerobin Composter Liquid Fertilizer Collector
Aerobin Outlet
Composter Air Flow Diagram
Aerobin Composter Closed


aerobin diagram

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